Welcome to Blackpool Enterprise

The Blackpool Enterprise Community Interest Company was formed in May 2006 as an exit strategy following the closure of the BSED (Blackpool Social Entrepreneur Development) project in September 2007. BSED was a highly successful ERDF project and led the way in Blackpool with the development of Social Enterprises in the region. The Blackpool Wyre & Fylde Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) in collaboration with Blackpool Borough Council responded to a study relating to community groups enterprise activities in the five deprived wards of Blackpool during the period April to September 2004. The BSED project was so successful that further funds were secured to continue the activities through the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI).

  • Assisted 21 existing social enterprises, exceeding our target by 92%
  • Established 9 new social enterprises, exceeding out target by 12.5%
  • Created 48 new jobs in social and micro enterprises, exceeding our target by 60%
  • Increased sales in social and micro enterprises by over £2million, exceeding our target by 300%
  • Distributed £40,000 in grants to social and micro enterprises.